This website breaks up words into their component parts - turning "jug" into "j-uh-g" - then reverses them. Simply making it "g-uh-j" doesn't work though, so our tool knows to replace one of the sounds to make it sound correct when played backwards: "g-uh-zszh". Put the text you want to speak backwards in the left box, then click "Reverse!". The reversed pronunciation text will appear on the right and you can have a go at pronouncing it!

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Pronunciation Note

The "zszh" should be pronounced like the g in beige.
Capital "TH" should be pronounced like the th in that.
Lowercase "th" should be pronounced like the th in throw.

This is tuned for my specific American English accent. Some words may sound off in yours, so you can tweak them to make it sound right as you read it.
May 15, 2020: Most common contractions now work and the ones that don't get pretty close! (Try y'all'dn't've'd)
Suggestions or bug reports? Leave feedback here.
Audio is NOT and never will be saved unless you share it.
Max recording time: 2 minutes.
The following are in development (please try it so I can test bugs). Should there be an option to share forward audio? Leave feedback using the link above.
(Download is currently only forwards, workin' on it! 5/28/2020)

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More Things

For more information on how this works, check out my video below.

John Austin, the Backwords Dude, can talk backward on cue! This site was in a recent video.
Special thanks to Jake from Vsauce3 for showing this website in his video!
It's cool to say I've been on BuzzFeed, right? See this article.

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